Advanced Seal Technology
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The dry vacuum-pressure application process:

Baskets of components are placed in an empty impregnation vessel to be sealed. The dry vacuum is allowed to reach a minimum of 29 - 29.5" Hg for 5 - 10 minutes. While still under vacuum, the resin storage tank transfer valve is opened, allowing the resin to flow into the autoclave until the parts are completely covered. Parts are left under wet vacuum for 1 - 5 minutes. Then, the chamber is vented to atmospheric pressure. Once the autoclave reaches atmospheric pressure, the storage tank is placed under a vacuum. The transfer valve is opened to allow the resin to be moved back to the storange tank. The basket of parts is then spun or drained to remove excess resin.

Multi-purpose Chamber
Dry Vacuum Wet Vacuum Impregnation Resin Recovery (Centrifuge)
1 - 2 Minutes 1 - 2 Minutes 1 - 2 Minutes

Water Rinse Spray Drain Cure
2 - 4 Minutes 1 - 4 Minutes Curing Time:
    Hot Water
10 Minutes
at 195° F
  • Cycle time of 20 - 30 minutes.
  • Maximum sealant penetration into porosity.
  • Optimum sealing results possible for high-pressure requirements.
  • Can be used with resin or sodium silicate impregnants.

With Impregnation

Without Impregnation

We use nothing but the highest quality resin:

  • Unsurpassed heat and chemical resistance.
  • Easy processing and simple control.
  • No bleed-out on parts.
  • Meets MIL-I-17563B.
  • Unequalled sealing performance.
  • Not hazardous to employees or environment.
  • No detergents or curing oils.